Cloud Migration

Live applications migration always has its tricks and inevitable drawbacks, so cloud and DevOps should go together when it comes to migrating. There are three widespread migration models: cloud, cloud-to-cloud, reverse cloud migration – and the Corewide team can assist you with any of them! 

We start with a thorough analysis taking into account all business requirements to understand whether you need to execute a migration at all. 

Want to increase the concurrent sessions up to three times without affecting response time and functionality? Need to deploy the app to any cloud provider quickly? We got you covered! 

Having studied all information, we provide precise planning and suggestions in choosing the right cloud platform. If you decide to migrate yourself, you can benefit from our migration checklist

Either way, our team can help you reduce cloud expenses up to 40% and provide 24/7 support afterward. Corewide aims to lead you through this cloud services jungle holding the torch of wisdom and experience to light your way!