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Corewide is a team of outstanding professionals who help businesses scale without effort by offering DevOps as a service collaboration model.

We take pride in highly positive client feedback (95%), the percentage of our long-term partners (60%), and official partnerships with companies like MinIO and Semaphore CI.

Corewide is about world-class DevOps expertise, transparent communication, and solutions encompassing all tech details. Over the years, we have successfully cooperated with SMEs and startups in multiple fields – software development and education, to name a few.

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Cloud Migrations

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Failover Solutions

Latest Technologies

Data backup strategy & recovery policy

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Cloud Migrations

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Infrastructure Operations

Infrastructure management operations are a significant part of DevOps as a service. They are aimed to scale the environment, reduce downtime, ensure stability, and boost overall efficiency. Corewide team provides DevOps as a service for SMEs and startups all over the world. Let DevOps professionals take care of your infrastructure and focus on business needs.

Microservice Architecture Optimization

Architecture Optimization

Backend Architecture Planning

Architecture Planning

Scalability Establishment


Cloud Migrations

Cloud Migrations

Failover Solutions

Failover Solutions

Data backup strategy & recovery policy

Data Backup Strategy & Recovery Policy

Automation Services

Need a perfect solution to the integration hell for development and operations teams? Automate deployment. Corewide applies DevOps automation best practices establishing a secure deployment pipeline from scratch or optimizing existing processes. We implement custom CI or CD and guarantee fewer code changes, faster MTTR, and maximum efficiency in product delivery.

Custom CI CD

Custom CI/CD

Agile continuous integration solutions to meet any business requirements.

Dlivery Cycle Automation

Delivery Cycle Automation

Automate your delivery cycle and deploy software to multiple platforms or customers at once.

Pipeline Optimization

Pipeline Optimization


Corewide team aims at fast builds, flexible pipelines, and controllable steps.

 Discover the power of DevOps as a Service

Consulting and Audit


DevOps as a service is also about consulting. Consulting services help detect and eliminate the bottlenecks in your current workflows. Corewide team provides DevOps consulting to SMEs and startups in any field. We offer top-notch DevOps assessments to help organisations grow dramatically.

infrastructure and cloud consulting

Infrastructure and
Cloud Consulting

costs optimization, cost effective devops solutions

Cost Optimization

Infrastructure audit


Load and performance audit

Load and
Performance Audit


Running IT support services in a DevOps way improves their quality dramatically. Corewide team offers managed tech support packages to meet business standards and provide a remarkable customer experience. Trust your hardware to Corewide and benefit from reliable 24/7 support.

DevOps level technical IT support

Technical Support

An entire SRE team to cover tech support, fetching and fixing bugs 24/7. This is a truly unique solution on the market.

monitoring solutions, debugging

Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring tools provide a detailed overview of the operational processes for each application, including detailed reports.

Delivery Models

fixed-priced devops projects

Fixed Price

The fixed-price project starts with the scope definition and estimation. We negotiate all details – milestones, deliverables, price – with you, sign papers, and after that get to work.

hourly basis devops services

Hourly Basis

Professional engineering and consulting services on demand by explicit hourly rates. We help to solve your challenge and then send you an invoice. As simple as it sounds.

managed DevOps services

Managed Services

Subscribe to our high-tech managed services, scheduled or event-driven. Corewide guarantees intelligent and seamless integration
into your business workflows.

Asbjørn Andersen, Chief Architect at Smart Management AS

Our experience with Corewide met all expectations, as we’ve got a very easy setup of 24/7 monitoring. We were impressed by the great interaction with team in initial meetings, so we’ve decided to move on with Corewide and didn’t regret it.

Asbjørn Andersen, Chief Architect at Smart Management AS

Brooke Milvain-Patterson, the product owner and project manager of MAS

The Corewide team has been nothing short of delightful to work with. The most impressive things in our work with Corewide were the experience level, the wonderful attitudes and sense of humor and the speed with that they got out solutions running on two different clouds.

Corewide had all the talented resources we needed, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Brooke Milvain-Patterson, Product Owner and PM of MAS

Fabian Wetekamp, Head of Product at Dahmakan

Corewide has been providing Dahmakan with world-class services for almost a year now.

They are integrated into our agile development process and are not just testing and maintaining our infrastructure, but also actively contributing to continuously improve our products with feature suggestions and a good eye for design.

We are looking forward to a thriving partnership in the future.

Fabian Wetekamp, Head of Product at Dahmakan

Niran Ben David ibn Huseinh, Product Manager at Funtomic

We have been working with Corewide for a while now and had outstanding results!

We are using their services for our gaming portals which serve 30M monthly users and also for our mobile activity. The communication is great and the results are always very professional and on time.

Highly recommend.

Niran Ben David ibn Huseinh, Product Manager at Funtomic

Sergiy Movchan CEO/ founder at Racoon Gang

These guys deliver superior services for our Open edX-based solutions.

They are engaged on demand. Great attitude and skills, we will definitely come again.

Sergiy Movchan, CEO and Co-founder of Raccoon Gang

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