DevOps Services

Infrastructure Operations

The crucial part of an app or website is what the end-user doesn't see - the backend. How well it runs depends on how it can handle the load - we design infrastructure for your backend to ensure maximum performance and high availability of the application. We detect bottlenecks in backend operations and plan the architecture the way the weak points are always covered.
Running microservices is to deal with separate data flows and as little interoperability as possible. We analyze the app both as a system and as a set of individual components and then apply the best practices of deploying microservices to increase the stack's stability and performance.
Moving live applications to the cloud always has its risks and inevitable drawbacks. We help you minimize the process's costs and business impact, starting with thorough analysis and precise planning. While helping you choose the cloud platform, we aim to benefit from the cloud-native services that the platform provides to reduce maintenance and support costs.
When your business relies on your software's high availability, it's important to make it sustain high loads. We implement different scenarios of automatic scaling and load balancing for your application based on individual requirements.
The key to the highest uptime of your service is minimizing the impact of incidents on your business. We aim at building systems that adapt to the environment changes and survive crashes: when an issue occurs, there's always a working failover instance ready to handle the traffic. No downtimes, no reputational risks.
Incidents are inevitable - it's all about how you handle them. We always emphasize the importance of making data backups, so we always apply a backup strategy and retention policy, making sure that the recovery scenarios are covered. Your backups are only good if you can restore them.


We believe that the best development process is the one where developers are focused on the engineering tasks while the testing and builds are run automatically. Productivity is at stake, so we implement Continuous Integration solutions into your workflow and tune them to meet the requirements of your development process.
Deploying your release should not be a painful and time-consuming process - we can make it simple and reliable. We automate your delivery cycle to deploy the software to multiple platforms or customers at the same time. Custom builds and unique conditions are available.
While low automation is often better than none at all, we aim at the fast builds, flexible pipelines, and controllable steps. If you have a pipeline already, we can inspect it for you and optimize its stages to speedup your CI/CD process.

Audit and Consulting

Our team of experienced engineers is always ready to review your infrastructure and suggest the best practices for running your software on various cloud platforms.
There's always a price to pay for the solution's reliability and performance - and we're here to help you reduce it by introducing different resources, approaches, or entities, starting with merely listing the overlooked alternatives. Make your bills shorter and save money for your next great project!
If you're thinking your current delivery process may be much faster, most likely you're right. We can analyze it and suggest a number of ways to speed up your software delivery.
One of the most important aspects of any software development is meeting security standards. We always consider those while building backend infrastructure and allow our customers to become more confident about their software data safety. We review services communication and detect potential breaches in the software and the system design, overall approach, and concepts.
During the load/performance audit, we will evaluate how well your application performs under various load patterns, determine limits, discover bottlenecks, consult on infrastructure efficiency and provide our recommendations.
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Delivery Models

Fixed Price Project

The fixed price project starts with the scope definition and estimation. We negotiate the details - milestones, deliverables and the price with you. Then we sign papers and get to work.

Hourly basis

Professional engineering and consulting services on demand by explicit hourly rates. We help to solve your challenge and then send you an invoice. As simple as it sounds.

Managed Services (Subscription)

Subscribe for our high-tech managed services, scheduled or event-driven. Intelligent and seamless integration into your business workflows.


We have been working with Corewide for a while now and had outstanding results!

We are using their services for our gaming portals which serve 30M monthly users and also for our mobile activity. The communication is great and the results are always very professional and on time. Highly recommend.


Niran Ben David, Product Manager at Funtomic

Corewide has been providing Dahmakan with world-class services for almost a year now.

They are integrated into our agile development process and are not just testing and maintaining our infrastructure, but also actively contributing to continuously improve our products with feature suggestions and a good eye for design.

We are looking forward to a thriving partnership in the future.


Fabian Wetekamp, Head of Product at Dahmakan

These guys deliver superior services for our Open edX-based solutions.

They are engaged on demand. Great attitude and skills, we will definitely come again.


Sergiy Movchan, CEO/founder at Raccoon Gang