Load and Performance Audit

Website or application performance depends on its capability to handle the load, so it’s crucial to monitor changes and run audits from time to time.

Performance audit at Corewide focuses on the three E’s – economy, efficiency, effectiveness – and adheres either to the client’s strict list of points or to complete trust in the executors.

Our professionals are ready to run a thorough load and performance audit to evaluate how well your app performs under various load patterns, determine limits, and discover bottlenecks – if any. 

To handle the system as effectively as possible, one needs to understand how it works. That is why, for instance, we always apply stress testing before launching to production – it helps identify the application’s logic, stability, and error handling capabilities. This data, in turn, is essential for preparing a detailed guideline with recommendations for improvements.

At Corewide, we believe consulting is priceless when followed by confident fulfilment – so don’t hesitate and benefit from our outstanding DevOps services with 24/7 support afterwards.