Custom CI/CD

Continuous integration (CI) automates routine development operations like building and testing, so businesses get to see new features in demo environments as they’re being developed. And continuous delivery (CD) streamlines the entire release process to deliver a packaged piece of code into production at any time as soon as it’s tested.

At Corewide, we believe that testing and builds should be automatically run so that developers can focus more on engineering. 

Custom CI? Multiple pipelines for different dev environments? Our professionals can deal with these and other tasks including: 

  • Setting up custom CI/CD processes from scratch 
  • Configuring several pipelines for multiple development environments
  • Integrating syntax and security checks at build time
  • Adding end-to-end test suites
  • Implementing various deployment scenarios 
  • Rollbacks

Trust Corewide to set up and optimize your pipeline flows – avoid integration challenges and benefit from a smooth delivery process.