Deployment Pipelines


If you’re interested in deployment pipelines optimization, it means you’ve discovered all advantages of basic CI/CD setups. Indeed, low automation is better than nothing – however, our team aims at fast builds, flexible pipelines, and controllable steps

Deployment pipelines optimization ensures superior product quality and outstanding customer experience, regardless of the field your business operates in. Turns out it’s not enough to experience continuous deployment process – it’s essential to get maximum out of it.

How to understand that your deployment pipelines require improvements? In brief, if the code doesn’t reach production in an hour, or if more than 2 out of 10 deployments fail, you’d better reconsider your CI/CD pipeline design and strategy.

Build speed concerns? Missing test coverage reports? Deployments cause downtimes? Faulty builds end up in production? Corewide is here to help. 

We believe that any pipeline can be optimized and improved. Our talented tech minds will inspect your current deployment pipelines and improve upon them to speed up the whole CI/CD process.

Having tried numerous tools, we understand that the best tooling is the widespread one because seeking tech documentation or tech talents shouldn’t seem like hunting a Holy Grail. Corewide’s CI/CD expertise covers tooling like Drone CI, Gitlab CI, Bitbucket Pipelines, Circle CI, Travis, TeamCity, and Jenkins.

Corewide guarantees fewer code changes, faster time to market, and utmost efficiency in product delivery – proved by numerous successful cases!