Delivery Cycle


Need a magic solution to the integration hell for development and operations teams? Corewide has one: automated deployment.

Continuous delivery starts where continuous integration ends. CI streamlines everyday development activities like builds and testing, while CD aims at automating the release of the validated code into production right after it’s tested. 

No matter what field your company operates in, automated deployment will enable your developers to focus more on the engineering and your business, therefore, stand out from competitors. Capture all regressions early, run hundreds of tests in a moment and make smooth deployments to ensure an outstanding customer experience.

Our professionals work with the widespread continuous delivery tools: Bitbucket Pipelines, Travis, TeamCity, or Jenkins. We can handle a variety of tasks like: 

  • Setting up custom CI/CD processes from scratch 
  • Configuring several pipelines for multiple development environments
  • Integrating syntax and security checks at build time
  • Adding end-to-end test suites
  • Set up infrastructure provisioning processes 
  • Implementing various deployment scenarios 
  • Rollbacks

Are there any cases when CI/CD processes may not be suitable? Well, yes.

  • Your customers don’t want continuous updates to their systems.
  • Regulations restrict software update conditions. In particular, automated deployment used in aerospace, telecom, and medical industries is not an option.

In any other case, CI/CD processes often become a relief for teams.

And with Corewide, you can get reliable automated deployment for standard and custom builds – no more expensive manual tasks and useless continuous delivery tools, only maximum productivity.