IT Monitoring Solutions

Is your system ready to handle high traffic? Embrace IT monitoring solutions to find out.

Monitoring observes the state of internal and external systems to detect and fix issues before they strike end-users. Appropriate IT monitoring solutions provide a detailed overview of the operational processes for each app, including reports on key metrics like average response time or cloud resources usage. 

At Corewide, we believe monitoring is key to reducing downtime, enhancing scalability, and strengthening security. Our expertise encompasses such solutions as Prometheus, Opsgenie, DataDog, NewRelic, CloudTrail, and CloudWatch – to name a few.

Whether you own an old-school non-cloud business, operate bare metal, or have a non-containerized app, our talented experts will study your tech stack and workflows to select the appropriate IT monitoring solution.

It may be a simple monitoring or a robust system setup – the most important is that this option will adjust to your specific needs. One of our recent case studies shows that choosing proper IT monitoring solutions is vital for effective and fast business scaling. 

Corewide offers a fabulous blend of SRE services and to ensure an incredible client experience – check it yourself.