Infrastructure Audit

Why run an infrastructure audit? The only unfixable problem is the one never found. So, the only way to detect infrastructure-level issues is to run an audit.

When does my product need it? Regularly. General practice is to run one audit early at the MVP stage, and another one right before the launch, since it helps ensure that critical performance issues never end up in production.

What does an infrastructure audit cover? A qualitative audit should include infrastructure setup and reproducibility, security concerns, performance metrics, deployment efficiency, backups, and docs

What results should I expect? A full audit report includes issues, misconfigurations, and inefficient approaches found on the infrastructure level as well as remediation suggestions.

Why Corewide? Besides providing a comprehensive audit report, we estimate a work scope for the remediation of all the found issues. And the best part is we cover not only the initial pain points but also all the potential weaknesses we have found.

Trust Corewide to get a first-rate infrastructure audit, top-quality security, and DevOps-level support!