Backend Architecture


Backend architecture is invisible to end-users but crucial for any app or website. Its performance depends on its capability to handle the load.

Our engineers have solid expertise in numerous programming languages: Bash, Python, Java, JavaScript, Lua – to name a few. We can redesign your backend to ensure maximum efficiency, high availability, and robust security. 

Firstly, we run a thorough audit of your existing architecture to detect bottlenecks in backend operations. Having studied the tech stack and infrastructure, our talented engineers create a backend architecture scheme that covers its weak points and matches your tooling

Corewide’s approach is unique due to several reasons. To begin with, we always treat architecture planning as a challenge for our expertise that deserves a team effort of highly skilled DevOps specialists. 

Moreover, our engineers take into account any specific demands you may have. Need to run containerised services in a self-hosted container cluster? No problems! We will use all power of brainstorming to provide cutting-edge and reliable custom solutions for your backend architecture.

And last but not least – you won’t need to replan your system each couple of years. Our architectural solutions are proven to be long-lasting and adaptive to the latest programming trends – see our case studies to learn more.