Micro Service Architecture


Deploying microservices is critical to making the app highly performed and stable. And the Corewide team has extensive experience in creating custom micro service architecture solutions. 

We analyze the application both as a system and as a set of individual components to apply top DevOps practices of deploying microservices architecture components and increase the stack’s performance.

Micro services often go together with containers, and Corewide’s got you covered here, too. Containerisation is our speciality, our engineers easily deal with Docker/Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and AWS ECS.

Developing a social network? Think about implementing micro service architecture with several independent service apps. Need to host a dozen of microservices architecture components? Consider AWS.

Our talented experts apply the best methods like independence or failure isolation to ensure maximum efficiency and high flexibility. We never treat micro service architecture optimization to be a one-man job – it’s a challenging task for several experts to detect existing weaknesses and foresee any possible ones.

No matter what industry you represent – we can offer top-notch micro service architecture solutions and ongoing 24/7 support to ensure a significant competitive advantage!