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Corewide is a DevOps-as-a-service company founded on April 1, 2015.

We are a team of exceptionally skilled DevOps and automation professionals delivering top-notch cloud consulting services with swiftness and engineering elegance. 

Having started from QA and automation services, we gradually discovered the power of DevOps as a service and eventually switched our focus to it in 2019.

Why choose DevOps as a service model instead of PaaS or IaaS, for example? Well, a potential vendor lock seasoned with a lack of control and transparency is just the tip of the iceberg.

Meanwhile, having chosen DevOps as a service, you own the account and cloud resources, you can see the actual costs, paying directly for cloud services. You also get the engineering team (without responsibility to manage it) which adjusts the infra to your application’s needs.

With Corewide, you’ll get additional solid benefits:
+ predictable budget (fixed project scope and price);
+ autoscaling the team size without additional intervention;
+ a senior DevOps engineer, aka architect, who arranges a team and supervises a task implementation.

Our expertise covers many services, from basic infrastructure operations to setting up and automating custom CI/CD pipelines. Over the years, we have successfully cooperated with startups and SMEs in numerous fields, whether education or manufacturing.

At Corewide, we believe DevOps to be a philosophy, not just a set of practices. And first of all, it’s about communication – that is why we embrace HumanOps as the company’s policies foundation.

We keep in mind that people building systems are their essential parts – accordingly, our team represents an exceptional blend of expertise, responsibility, business intuition, and reliability. 

This combination of skills is perfectly reflected in the documentation we provide – it is carefully prepared and regularly updated. We’ve been thoroughly documenting each of our completed projects to offer you a possibility to observe our work step by step, being able to continue at any time from any point. Moreover, this approach makes each of our solutions more successful than the previous one.

Of course, some university lectures on philosophy said that perfection was unattainable. But frankly, we missed this information as we’d been automating something at the time.

And to this day, our team believes the sky is the limit, so Corewide professionals continue mastering their skills to deliver perfect solutions for your business.

Our Team

Igor Zotov

CEO, co-founder

Denis Prysukhin

CTO, co-founder

COO, co-founder at Corewide

Pavlo Koba

COO, co-founder

Bogdan Shevchenko

Senior DevOps Engineer

Dmytro Shcherban

Associate DevOps Engineer

Taras Shevchenko

DevOps Engineer

Dmytro Orlov

Intern DevOps Engineer

Dmitry Vorobets

Senior DevOps Engineer

Mykola Borchuk

DevOps Engineer

Pavlo Ryabolus

Associate DevOps Engineer

Dmytro Pavlovskyi

SRE Team Lead

Yegor Gorynin

Technical Support Engineer

Maxim Babinets

Technical Support Engineer

Yaroslav Petrykin

Technical Support Engineer

Alex Kobetz

Technical Support Engineer

Mariia Hovorun

Technical Support Engineer

Vladyslav Boikov

Technical Support Engineer

Mykola Kapusta

Technical Support Engineer

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Daria Lobanova

Marketing Manager

Mariia Zhuravlova

Marketing Manager

Anastasiia Andrusenko

Client Success Manager

Alina Koba

HR coordinator

Our Mission

Help organizations all over the world solve

infrastructure and automation challenges by

providing DevOps as a service.

Our Goal

Build a world-class DevOps service

company with talented people on board

to grow together.

Our Values

Honesty, responsibility, professional attitude

The supremacy of business interests and adherence to the law

Clear and effective communication