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The loading equipment sale and rental company was building a marketplace to let customers lease or rent any loading equipment easily. This international startup required a DevOps services provider to create infrastructure and set up a CI/CD pipeline.

The main requirements were scalability, no vendor locks, and the ability to quickly deploy the application to any cloud provider. The client wanted to host the app on AWS facilities.


Their main tech stack included AWS, Golang, Postgresql, NodeJs, Hyperledger Fabric, Kubernetes. And the challenge was exceptional – we needed to implement Hyperledger, a fabric-based blockchain with the blockchain components, in the Kubernetes cluster.

Our client was focused on getting an MVP and didn’t expect any high traffic load at that moment, so we selected a pretty basic AWS configuration and used KOPS to deploy the Kubernetes cluster on the AWS account.


+ To apply CI/CD practices, we used Jenkins, running in the cluster and operating within the pods, which were individually created on-demand and deleted afterward.

+ The only vendor lock remained AWS ECR, which we used to store pre-built images with the microservices. However, we could have easily switched it to any other similar docker containers storage service.

+ Then we created three independent environments (dev, stage, production) within a single Kubernetes cluster via individual Nginx Ingress and namespaces.

+ We successfully met all the objectives that had been set – it helped our client to release his product in time and receive another round of funds

+ All our activities were documented and provided to the customer.

+ We provide DevOps support services to this client in present.

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