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The project idea is to take your stock, store it, pick, pack and deliver it automatically. The application integrates with your software, provides you with real-time stock management.

Our team’s main goals were to create CI/CD, apply security practices and access policies to environments. We took part in git-flow implementations and creating pipelines (GitlabCI).

The project consists of four environments: dev -> staging -> UAT -> production, on each of them applied CI/CD with testing/reporting/deploying stages. All components (about 10 different microservices and databases) of projects host on AWS with best and effective practices. The project is in an active development state now, so our team continues delivery.


The client came to us with an MVP, a basic commercial application written in PHP Codeigniter. There was a concept, but it was originally used as a non-modern framework. The client started development with a new team (~10 members) on PHP Laravel and invited us to join for DevOps. We faced a demand to create a DevOps flow on a project -CI/CD, git-flow, create and configure environments, set up security, monitoring, backups, etc.


+ Our team provided all level solutions on the project; the client required to use AWS as the main hosting platform, so on a project, we used AWS services regarding tech plan: main application process on EC2, databases on RDS, content/media on S3, Redis on ElasticCache, Cloudwatch/CloudTrail for monitoring, Route 53 for domain hosting.

+  CI/CD implemented with GitlabCI with custom job runners for full testing coverage. Security flow bases on Security groups, WAF rules, Bastion-VPN kind access to internal resources.

+ During project development, the dev team raised to ~50 members, so the previous git-flow changed – we applied the merger strategy for branches depending on current requirements – it prevented many issues with code conflicts and other problems.

+ We still provide DevOps support services to this client. The project rises, we remain on active duty.


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