DevOps: Does My Business Need It?

DevOps for business

It’s astonishing to live at a time of such a speedy evolution pace – can you believe cell phones to be a luxury 20 years ago? The same thing happens in the IT field – cutting-edge solutions and new tech trends shake the world every year, if not more often.

Tell software developers back in 2005 they would require embracing communication and automation to ensure faster product delivery – they will laugh out loud and tell you that overtime is the only way to achieve this goal.

On the subject of communication and automation, those are the essential elements of DevOps – not relatively fresh but still gaining its popularity term. And if these six letters still confuse you or do not give a clear vision of DevOps benefits for business, read on.

DevOps Incipience and Essence

So, actually DevOps – what is it? A movement, a person, an approach, or maybe software? Well, all at once. DevOps is a philosophy – a perfect combination of practices, tools, and processes to improve product development and delivery and drive them at higher velocity.

DevOps notion and explanation for business owners

According to Atlassian, DevOps revolutionized the IT field between 2007 and 2008, when software operations and development communities raised fatal dysfunctional concerns within the industry. And having combined the Agile approach, advanced collaboration, and progressive technologies, this philosophy became the solution teams needed.

At present, DevOps has produced a variety of Ops, including HumanOps. HumanOps emphasizes the human side of running systems – in other words, it allows growing a business without burning out your team.

DevOps combined with HumanOps establish smooth operational workflows, favorable working conditions, and dramatically increased business development pace. So at Corewide, we embrace HumanOps to deliver outstanding DevOps services.

Corporations Implementing DevOps

Getting back to DevOps, numerous giant companies implemented its practices when they were not mainstream yet! Etsy, Starbucks, Adidas, and even Disney joined the club to rock their industries.

Remarkably, the last one has been following DevOps practices aggressively for nearly a decade, redesigning its functional teams into a matrix organization. As a result, Disney improved cross-functional communication, which drastically intensified its technical capabilities.

And Etsy pioneered DevOps implementation because of the struggling adoption of monolith architecture and a low weekly deployment rate. Indeed, DevOps practices and tooling have helped Etsy deploy code up to 40 times a day and manage the website infrastructure expertly.

If you consider DevOps practices to be nothing but a privilege for big corporations, I beg you not to be quick to judge. Actually, any business involving IT or software development requires DevOps implementation to produce compelling applications or services and support them efficiently, at scale.

Companies by size and business field that require DevOps implementation

Small companies or startups benefit from a faster development pace. Medium-sized businesses can transform into big enterprises without technical and management chaos. And DevOps implementation in large enterprises guarantees you smooth and well-organized processes.

The operating industry is also not crucial. For a small accounting firm, DevOps can solve the issues of effective software management (try to deal stressless with hundreds of documents and accounts if your system loads for ages).

And healthcare institutions using big data platforms should embrace DevOps to automate processes and reduce failure risks (find a company eager to lose their patient records).

Define your struggles and compare them with the solutions DevOps can offer – it may be a perfect match.

DevOps Benefits for Business

Businesses consider DevOps to challenge the competition and meet their consumers’ digital demands. And to get the most out of these practices, you need to define the pain points DevOps should solve for your company. 

Whether you seek smooth product updates seven times a day, improved collaboration between software and QA engineers, or the increased amount of happy customers, DevOps implementation can help you. 

The key benefit of this philosophy is believed to be connected with software development exclusively, for example, managing infrastructure processes on a large scale and with reduced risk. 

Indeed, the software development process becomes stable, secure, and easily auditable (which makes it cost-efficient). DevOps, nevertheless, brings many more advantages to any business, whether an education portal or a wholesale truck company

 DevOps benefits like increased revenue and smooth software delivery for business.

First of all, internal processes become more adaptable – things it took months to arrange now take a week of coordinated effort. 

Improved software delivery indeed ensures a superior customer experience – transactions happen with lightning speed, your clients do not wait for ages while the app is loading. Happy people surely want to come back or recommend you to their family and friends.

Speaking about competitors, you stand out from them, offering better security, decreased loading time, and professional handling of systems failures (that are rare if you have a reliable DevOps services provider at hand). 

And the best part is that all previous delights naturally increase the company revenue – the essential goal of any business owner.

Wrapping Up

Wondering still whether you need this cultural shift and development processes upgrading?

Well, digital transformations continue seizing and affecting our world more than ever. Business owners driven to build a successful company understand that and adopt advanced technologies or concepts like DevOps to keep up the pace.

When your development team delivers better software faster, or your website has a working backup instance in case of failover, it creates a domino effect regarding other potential business assets. 

Some companies take longer to see the positive impact but rest assured – you will see it since DevOps is an investment bringing long-lasting benefits. 

Our team of exceptionally skilled DevOps and automation professionals delivers top-quality consulting services followed by fabulous implementation. Feel free to contact us and get a clear answer to the question of whether your business needs DevOps (spoiler: likely, yes).