failover solutions and backup enforcement




The client has a dating app with a growing number of users. The company needed to audit the app to eliminate weak points and make the system more reliable.


A growing number of users leads to increased load and a higher risk of the system crash. Robust reliability was essential for the case.


+ Our team started with a thorough audit; we detected several issues in the existing setup, both cloud and deployment level ones.

+ The scope for fixes was approved, and we applied the Infrastructure as Code approach to ensure the immutability of the cloud setup. IaC allows the client to clone or adjust environments on the fly and revert changes within minutes.

+ Then we configured redundancy and failover strategy for a production environment, redefining CI/CD process to streamline the deployments in the meantime. Now, the production environment has an automatic failover system; it can sustain a twofold increase in traffic with the scalability option. 

+ Deployments became super fast (20 seconds), with an option to quickly roll back to the previous version. We also sped up the performance of pipelines from 3-4 minutes to 1-1,5 minutes.

+ Backup procedures were reviewed and adjusted as well as network security policies. Switching to a backup server for the production environment now takes 2 seconds

+ A monitoring stack with sensible alerting has been deployed to inform the SRE team of any incidents, keep things in check, and increase observability.

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