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Date Nov 29, 2023
Date Digitally from anywhere

SRE for eCommerce leaders:

DevOps way to infinite uptime

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Date Nov 22, 2023
Date Digitally from anywhere
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Denis Prysukhin,
CTO at Corewide

This event is tailored for

Heads of eCommerce
Save money on issue resolution and discover ways to ensure customers won't turn to the competition.

CTOs and CIOs
Develop a strategic SRE approach that goes beyond troubleshooting to maintain infinite uptime.

Digital Experience Leaders
Transform challenges into wins. Explore how SRE wisdom elevates your online presence and enhances customer satisfaction.


1. SRE: what it stands for and what it has to do with DevOps

Draw a line between SRE, technical support, IT support and DevOps. Find out why from a business perspective, SRE is the core of DevOps.

2. Tech&People: the essence of SRE

Tools are nothing without the expertise behind them, and neither is worth it without an analytical skill. What else is there that defines a great SRE service?

3. SRE Toolkit: What it looks like

Find out which technologies are used in SRE - and, more importantly, why. Learn to choose like your business depends on it.

4. eCommerce, special kind of SRE challenge

Don't lose customers to unexpected incidents. Discover how to fine tune SRE to ensure your business wins.

5. Strategic Approach to Future-Proof Your Business

SRE is more than just troubleshooting. Explore a strategic approach to address issues before they become real problems.

Meet our expert

Denis, CTO of Corewide—a seasoned DevOps expert with a decade of hands-on experience in the industry. Leading the SRE team for five years, he's the brains behind our cloud-native projects and automation solutions. From single-server Woocommerce shops to high loaded multi-regional Magento clusters, Denis is the mastermind of uptime assurance. It's time to learn from an expert how to make SRE a crucial force for eCommerce excellence.

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